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1.4.4 (Working ✔)1.4.4 (Stable) is the main site for this project, send people that link.

Starcheat is currently compiled for WINDOWS only. However, you can use something like Wine to run it on macOS, and it's been reported as working.

Feature List

  • Editing player data: name, game mode, pixels, species, gender, health, energy, etc
  • Full inventory management: equipment and vanity slots, all character inventory bags such as food or blocks
  • Full editing of items and their parameters, all completely multiplayer compatible
  • Managing player's appearance: colors, stance, hair, face
  • Browsing indexed item assets
  • Browsing indexed images
  • Full support for modded player files and non-vanilla characters
  • Generating unique guns, swords and shields
  • Generating capture balls, saplings
  • Automatic backups
  • Load characters + items that would normally crash the game, allowing you to remove/restore broken data
  • Other misc features

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Starcheat, nor anyone else, is responsible for corruption, loss, or otherwise unwanted modifications.
The best backup is the one you never made.
Please take the necessary steps to protect your characters and recognize that you're the only one who can prevent potential data loss.
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