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Welcome to the Starcheat Wiki for Starbound modding. This is a long-term research/information archival project connected to with the goal of collecting as much useful Starbound modding information and research as possible. This site will be hosted indefinitely, so it is safe to mirror other resources here. There will also NEVER be any ads or restricted access to this site guaranteed. All information is open for research and education.

Goals are listed, mainly this site is the attempted archival and storage of the quickly fading art of Starbound modding. Many techniques that could be seen used often around community servers in 2014 are now completely arcane.

This Wiki is free for any contributor to edit. Please visit this link to learn how to gain access. Feel free to add, modify, or delete anything listed here - this will be where specialized Starbound modding knowledge or resources are collected for future-proofing. Only the Home (the page you're on), the About, and login/admin pages are locked - everything else is open with an edit password.

If you want to create a page manually (you need a password from the link above FIRST), visit